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About Us

Our Mission

Poliglot is a new-age language school with a mission to help children build confidence and excel through learning world languages.


We are a female founder team of Strategists, Educators, Engineers (and Moms!)  with the ambitious goal of building the next generation of multilingual children through high quality world language education.

Why did we build Poliglot?

For every idea, there is always the question of ‘Why’. And hence the origin story becomes an important part of it all.  


​In this multilingual and multicultural world, it is important for children to develop world language skills. However, the options available in K-12 have not been effective.  Schools have a shortage of language teachers and private tutors lack a structured curriculum. Self paced learning apps, regardless of gamification have very low retention and stickiness with young learners.  As Moms and Immigrants in the United States, we realized that this can lead to a huge gap for children's opportunities as they enter the global market.

Which is why we built Poliglot.


Poliglot is a fun,  innovative and effective way to learn languages. We use live classes and the latest technology to help children develop a holistic understanding of world languages and reach their full potential.

Our Platform

Poliglot Hindi Teacher training vf.png

Poliglot is a science based, adaptive platform that helps students learn languages faster and better. 


Students learn through the Curriculum, Games and in class instruction from Teachers. We use the feedback from the ​teachers and student progress to personalize the curriculum to enhance student outcomes. Parents receive personalized reports to track progress. 

How we are different?

Our key differentiator is our deep focus on student success and learning outcomes.

We understand that learning a new language is hard, which is why we blend the expertise of qualified teachers and an innovative curriculum to “catch them early” and  help our students make progress at all levels. Our program has 6 levels of proficiency and is personalized for every child’s age and level.


We also understand that parents are juggling many priorities so we want to make screen time and after school count. With our unique program, children can get ACTFL accreditation and earn Seal of bi-literacy and college credits as they gain mastery over a new language.

Want to know more?

Drop us a note. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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